About Mogu Mogu Ensemble

The name comes from mogumogu, the Japanese word for the sound that we make when we eat. And from the musical term ensemble, which refers to a group of musicians that plays together. The name reflects our wish to spread joy through cooking.

We hope that through our classes, you get to…

  • Learn about the individual ingredients
  • Understand the interplay of ingredients by arranging them yourself
  • Enjoy eating the food that you’ve prepared
  • And in turn desire to learn more
  • And share your cooking with friends and family
  1. Our classes are Suitable for All – Beginners to Advanced
    Our classes are 100% hands-on and designed for all skill levels.
  2.  Original Recipes Available
    We’ll provide you with our own original recipes in PDF.
  3.  Natural Ingredients
    We pride ourselves in using only fresh, local, and mostly organic ingredients in our classes.
  4. Hands-On Workshops
    The instructor Ai will teach you all the baking techniques for you to complete your breads and cake made from scratch!
  5. Easy Booking System
    Booking a class can be easily done here at MogumoguEnsemble.com.